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PV Automation

GCH-3000A Tabber and Stringer
release time: 2017/12/4 13:20:50

Equipment Advantage:


1/ GCH-3000A is a high speed tabber stringer CCD positioning function ensures the

coincidence accuracy between the bus bar and the welding ribbon, and can detect the

missing corners of the chip,the defect of the line deletion. Robot transports battery, more

stable and higher speed

2/ Flux automatic drying function (using waste heat, energy saving and environmental

protection) to prevent the flux from contaminating the battery

3/ Automatic welding ribbon bending, which can effectively reduce the cell fragments due to

the cell spacing

4/ Using the most common non-contact infrared welding in the current market, the cells and

ribbons are evenly heated, reducing the fragmentation rate

5/ There are multiple temperature zones, slow warming,slow cooling, effectively reducing the

fragmentation rate

6/ With ribbon fine-tuning function, time-saving when switching between 3BB, 4BB, 5BB

7/ Self-developed fool-like machine structure, simple, practical, stable, reliable, easy to adjust





Technical Specification:



Full Cell: 1.35s / cell Cut Cell: 1.6s   / cell

Breakage Rate

2 A Grade Cell

Soldering Method

Infrared Lamp


Monocrystal Polycrystal

156mm*156mm 156.75mm*156.75mm

Half cell, 1/2 cell 4BB/ 5BB

Cell Positioning

CCD and Robot

Spacing Between Cells

2mm-5mm Adjustable

Cell Thickness


Ribbon Supply

Automatic straightening, bending,   cutting

Max Welding Length


Loading Method

Continuous loading, no downtime

Cells Transmission

Imported TEFLON Belt

Electric System

PLC +IPC+Servo Control System


Touch Screen, Simple Operation

Fault Alarm

Real-time Alarm

Working Temperature


Compressed Air

Air Pressure: 0.5MPa0.8MPa Air Flow: 1.0m³/min

Power Supply

Three-phase 380V±5% 50Hz


6050 (L) × 1920 (W) × 2500 (H)mm

Equipment Size

6050 (L) × 1920 (W) × 2500 (H)mm

Equipment Weight


Cell Detection

Main busbar crack / edge crack /   corner crack / foreign mater


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