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Busbar-Free Cell I-V Sorter
release time: 2017/4/13 16:12:55

Recently, a reporter learn from Shenzhen Guangyuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as: Guangyuan) and Beijing Delicacy Laser Optoelectronics Co., Ltd  (hereinafter referred to as: Delicacy) that they jointly developed busbar-free cell I-V sorter and has completed reliability and stability test, do lots of busbar-free cell I-V test with reliable performance. According to these two companies' disclosed information, this machine has been finalized, accepted domestic top manufacturers' related test and will be displayed officially at SNEC.




It is reported that this busbar-free cell I-V sorter is the first products in China, is combination of Guangyuan and Delicacy, they developed specifically for busbar-free cell with 200ms long pulse width solar simulator, can be compatible with N, perc, hit and other high efficient cell.




The equipment highlights:
1.200ms ultra long pulse width solar simulator, and equipped with the latest intelligent load

2 .Unique structural design to ensure good contact with busbar-free cell

3. Soft contact design, can effectively ensure cell breakage rate.

4. Good compatibility, switch between busbar-free, 3BB, 4BB and 5BB.

5. Reliable and stable belt automatic conveying and sorting system

The first concept of busbar-free come from Canadian cell and module company day4 energy, this company acquired day4 electrode patent technology in 2008. This technology's innovation on traditional cell embodied in the metallization and interconnection, cell screen print fine grid after PECVD, not main busbar, cover a layer of copper wire with a polymer film on cell front, the surface of this copper wire embedded in the film is coated with a special low melting point metal, in the subsequent assembly process, the pressure and temperature of laminator have fine grid and copper wire combined. One end of copper wires is assembled on a wider bus strip, and is connected with the back surface of the adjacent cell in the same lamination process. 

Delicacy, as the most authoritative and professional manufacturer of solar photovoltaic testing equipment, the company has focused on R&D, production and sales of solar photovoltaic testing equipment for 17 years. In recent years, in order to adapt to the new demand for photovoltaic products testing, has developed double glass module tester, power plant site special vehicle solar simulator, cigs/ GaAs / CdTe special tester (150ms) and long pulse width hit cell tester (280ms), BIPV super large solar simulator and a variety of solar PV IV test equipment. In particular, the long pulse sun simulator began R&D in 2014 and went to market in 2015, has sold more than 70 units, and achieved good sales and widely used in line with the user's praise.

Shenzhen Guangyuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangyuan ) registered in the world innovation capital-Shenzhen, registered brand is AUTO-ONE, workshop operating area is 7,000 square meters, we have our own R & D laboratory. College degree or above accounts for 80% of all employees, including R & D personnel accounted for the total number of nearly 30%. Since establishment, we have obtained the National high-tech enterprises certificate, Shenzhen high-tech enterprises certificate, software enterprise certificate, ISO9001-2015 quality management system certification, Shenzhen focus on the cultivation of innovative SME certificate, nearly 50 independent intellectual property patents, nearly 20 computer software copyright, we fully implement ISO9001-2015 quality management system and successfully import ERP management system.

 Guangyuan is an integrated high-tech enterprises with visual system, mechanical structure, software control and industrial robot application based on PV automation equipment. We have independent R&D, production, sales, technical services. Relying on high-tech R & D personnel advantages of Shenzhen, we focus on high-end equipment R & D and production, our products are stable, simple and economic,  has been widely used in domestic market and exported to nearly 10 countries . One of our high speed tabber stringer that can do both cut cell and full cell take more than 90% market share in 2016, we are a global benchmark in this field.

Our main business:

1. Photovoltaic industry equipment

a, Cell production: I-V automatic sorting machine, graphite boat wafer loading & unloading machine.

b, Panel production:  tabber stringer, layup machine.

2. Automation equipment customization:

a, Provide customers with high-end automation equipment solutions and customized services.

b, Liberate productivity and improve products quality.

To provide customers with the most cost-effective automation equipment is our responsibility, you are welcomed to visit us !



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