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Seeking the common development of enterprises and employees


Guangyuan shares "to seek common development of enterprises and employees," written into the core values, but also in the rapid and stable development of the company always adhere to the "people-oriented" concept of specific performance.

     And staff to formulate career development plan, is the light of the shares to seek common development of enterprises and employees one of the specific measures. Through career planning, employees can clearly define their own development goals in various stages of the enterprise development process, and through the rotation, training, work enrichment design measures to enhance staff capacity, and gradually help them achieve their goals and values.

    "Common development" also requires employees to have long-term service to the wishes of enterprises, and enterprises have the determination to advance and retreat. Therefore, Guangyuan hiring new employees have three "no", namely: there is no self-development goals for employment and employment is not hired; no long-term service in the enterprise's desire to do day-to-day non-hiring; Hired.

      Create opportunities for employees, this is one of the content of the vision of the enterprise, employees need to develop opportunities, and the company's main job is to create opportunities for employees.

Fair competition opportunities - do not stick with a talent, not qualifications, qualifications limit, only is used.

Professional development opportunities - job promotion is not the only road of development, for a skilled staff, the company set up in the professional development of space, take the road of experts.

Horizontal exercise opportunities - through rotation, so that people get a wide range of training, a compound talent, not only lay a solid foundation for the development of career staff, but also for the enterprise reserves of talent.

The same duty is given only by the same duty, and the reward is given by the means of output, which is the difference between the wages and the wages of the workers. Quality is performance.

Training to enhance the opportunity - "a move fresh, eat days" era has gone, and training is not just to meet the current needs, is to make staff advance with the times, to adapt to the fierce market competition and social Environment, so as to enhance in all aspects.

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